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Toner HP 1100 Longlife do drukarek HP 1100, 1100A, HP 3200, toner oem: C4092A, 92A +20%

Toner HP 1100 Longlife alternatywny cartridge HP C4092A, 92A do popularnych kiedyś drukarek HP 1100, HP 1100a, HP 3200.

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Toner HP 1100 Longlife alternatywny cartridge HP C4092A, 92A do popularnych kiedyś drukarek HP 1100, HP 1100a, HP 3200.

 Tonery HP 1100/1100A Longlife z nowym bębnem drukującym i większą dawką mają wydajność zwiększona w stosunku do oryginału C4092A, 92A o 20%, pojemność tych tonerów to minimum 3000 wydruków przy 5% zadruku strony.

 Toner Longlife HP C4092A, 92A, 1100/1100A/3200 z gwarancją jakości i wydajności do zużycia proszku barwiącego w kartridżu.

 Jakość oryginału w konkurencyjnej cenie.

 Toner HP 1100 Longlife zamiennik tonera C4092A, 92A nadaje się do pracy w drukarkach laserowych i laserowych urządzeniach wielofunkcyjnych:
 HP LaserJet 1100 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100A 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100A SE 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100A XI 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100SE 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100XI 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 3200 9PPM,
 HP LaserJet 3200M,
 HP LaserJet 3200SE 9PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 A 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 A SE 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 A XI 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 SE 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 1100 XI 8PPM,
 HP LaserJet 3200 9PPM,
 HP LaserJet 3200M,
 HP LaserJet 3200 SE 9PPM,
 Canon LBP-1110 10PPM,
 Canon LBP-1110 SE 10PPM,
 Canon LBP-1120 10PPM,
 Canon LBP-250 8PPM,
 Canon LBP-350 8PPM,
 Canon LBP-800 8PPM,
 Canon LBP-810 8PPM,
 Canon P 420 OEM ENGINE 8PPM,
 IBM 3800,
 IBM 3800 MODEL 3,
 IBM 3800 MODEL 6,

Średnia ocena

2012-10-22 Adrielly. CfaWJnIUBHKlVhCWDZ First, let me explain that I am a cuaasl home user. Not being expert in networked printers, I'd not be posting this review except for the fact that in researching this printer I found almost no posted reviews anywhere online. I figured my observations were better than none.Although I am a novice at installing and configuring a printer on a wired network, I followed the instructions (which were straightforward) and was able to set it up and get it working in under 20 minutes, with no problems at all.Print quality looks good, but (of course) pictures don't look nearly as good as on a photo inkjet printer. My tests in printing photos on the 3800dn, however, have been very simple printing at default settings on plain paper. Tweaking the paper or the settings might make the output more impressive. That said, the pictures showed no banding or streaking that is, no terrible flaws. Compared to a photo inkjet, they were pretty flat however (the use of plain papers is certainly partly responsible).I have tested the duplex feature on short documents. No problems so far. I also use the multipurpose tray for printing envelopes and checks. I have printed several so far with no paper jams. This is mildly noteworthy, because my old laserjet had begun to jam when I tried to print single checks (from an original set of three, two having already been used). This printer seems able to do the job without difficulty.Since my printing is infrequent by business standards, the printer spends most of its time in sleep mode, which makes it completely silent. Bringing it out of sleep mode does take a minute or so. When HP advertises nearly instant printing, they are not lying, but they are also assuming the printer in fired up and ready to go, not coming out of sleep mode. The noise it makes printing is about that typical of other laser printers I have used at home and at work. Every so often the thing calibrates itself, which makes a bit of noise. The noise is not all that loud, but if you are sitting next to the printer, as I am, and not expecting it, it can startle you. I am sure I will get used to it quickly enough, though.I haven't put it through printing a big job yet, so to some extent the jury is still out. So far, though, I have not been seized with buyer's remorse.I hope this helps someone.Follow up comments: I have discovered that the delay in printing is variable. If I ask the printer to print an envelope it takes it quite a while to fire up; printing a page of text the printer responds very quickly, even from sleep. When I posted my earlier comment I had confused the envelope printing delay with a delay awaking from sleep mode.Also, something (an electrical storm?) fried a crucial piece of the electronic innards, and I had to work with HP support to get it fixed. While I won't say my experience with HP support was absolutely wonderful, it exceeded my expectations. When I finally got a real person to talk to they were both smart and helpful. They even spoke and understood English which is not a given in tech support any more. They figured out what failed and sent a replacement part under warranty. I installed it and was immediately back in action. The printer is now on a surge protector.

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